Dealing with Brexit - Riccardo


Establish a line of communication with the UK counterpart

8 Dicembre 2016

Since President Junker and President Tusk have ruled out the possibility of talks before art. 50 TEU is triggered, this move must have their green light. If so, talks must be kept secret and should be aimed at learning as much as possible about interests and concerns of our counterpart. Moreover, in addition to the UK Government, we should reach out to Scotland and Norther Ireland. Since the majority of its people voted to remain, we can strategically use their influence on the UK Government.

2nd Tour of V4 Capitals

8 Gennaio 2017 - 18 Gennaio 2017

Purpose: establish relationship, learning more about interests and concerns of the V4 Governments' constituencies.
People to meet:
Parliament representatives;
Representatives of the Military and Chambers of Commerce;
Civil society.

Participate in the COSAC in La Valletta (Malta)

22 Gennaio 2017 - 23 Gennaio 2017

The Conference of Parliamentary Committees for Union Affairs of Parliaments of the European Union (COSAC) is a conference of Members of the European Parliament (MEPs) and national Members of Parliament (MPs) who are drawn from parliamentary committees responsible for European Union affairs. The purpose of our participation is setting off a dialogue with National Parliaments and create relationships that might be useful in future as source of information or for influencing relevant stakeholders.

Informal Summit on Security and Economy

10 Febbraio 2017 - 11 Febbraio 2017

Informal Summit on Central Europe Security and Economy featuring; France, Germany, Italy, V4, our team.
Purpose: address the V4 security concerns regarding Russia, as well as the economic fallout of Brexit. Foster consensus over the EU negotiation strategy.

Trilateral Meeting(s) (EP, European Council, EC negotiation teams)

2 Marzo 2017 - 4 Marzo 2017

The purpose of this (these) meeting (meetings) is to agree on a final version of the EU negotiation strategy to present to the European Council of the 8th and 9th March.

European Council

8 Marzo 2017 - 9 Marzo 2017

Present to the European Council the final strategy.
Obtain the approval and the political mandate to negotiate.