ss11: cold war timeline


the establishment of the UN

April, 1945

The United Nations is created in San Francisco. It is made up by fifty-one countries, including Canada. The main goal of the UN is to maintain world peace and security.

A Russian spy ring in Canada

Sept. 1945 - Feb. 1946

A Soviet spy Igor Gouzenko detacted from Soviet Union to Canada to discouver the secrets of the atomic bomb but charged by the RCMP to the trail.

The North Atlantic Treaty Organization(NATO)


NATO is a military alliance made by western European nations and it established the warsaw pact in 1955 to prevent a surprise attack.

The Korean conflict

1950 - 1953

Korea is divided in two parts, North communists and South democratic. The North invades South and U.N. respond by sending troops to cease the war. It is a peacemaking.

Canada's new ambassador


Lester Pearson become Canada's ambassador to the United Nations

The Suez crisis


Egypt takes over the Suez canal from British/French inverstors. That increase the tension between those countries. Pearson send troops to mediate the between rival countries to ease another cruel war. (first U.N peacekeepig)

Pearson--the leader of the liberal party in Canada


The cancellation of the Avro arrow project


Avro arrow is a state of art supersonic jet aircraft. The Diefanbaker's government cancelled it due to various reasons.

Cuban missile crisis

1959 - 1962

The U.S. and the Soviet Union come closer of the nuclear war.



Canada particaipates UN peacekeeping mission to Cyprus.

Vietnam war

1965 - 1973

Vietnam was divided into North(communist), South( capitalist). U.S bombed the North Vietnam, but finally in 1975, the country was under communist rule.

Trudeau's government offically recognized China


Pierre Trudeau visits China


Pierre Trudeau visits Cuba


Berlin wall

Nov. 1989

East/West Berlin became reunited with the demolishing of the Berlin wall.

Gulf war

1990 - 1991

Canada send troops to support US in the Gulf war against Iraq.



Canada troops turtured and killed a teenager from Somalia who was wondering in Canadian base, It was a shadow cast on Canada's reputation.

Bosnia and Croatia

April 6th, 1992 - Dec. 14th, 1995

It was a conflict between three ethnic groups, the Serbs, Croats and Muslims. It was part of the break-up of Yugoslavia with about 57700 soldiers killed.

civil war and chaos in Halti

1993 - 1997

Canada sends soldiers and later police


1994 - 1995

It was a failure of UN. The Canadian major general Dallaire made a plan to halt the killing. But the UN didn’t pay attention to it and didn’t provide military forces. The result was about a million people were killed in a couple of days.