Renaissance Composers


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John Dunstable

1390 - 24 December 1453

He was a composer Englishman(English) of polyphonic music of the Low Middle Ages.

Guillaume Dufay

5 August 1397 - 27 Novembre 1474

Was a Franco-Flemish composer of the early Renaissance. A central figure in the Burgundian School, he was regarded by his contemporaries as one of the leading composers in Europe in the mid-15th century.

Johannes Ockeghem

Approx. 1410 - 6 February 1497

Was the most famous composer of the Franco-Flemish School in the last half of the 15th century In addition to being a renowned composer, he was also an honored singer, choirmaster, and teacher.

Josquin Desprèz

Approx. 1450 - 27 August 1521

He was a French Flemish(French Andalusian gipsy) composer of the Renaissance, considered the most famous European composer between among Guillaume Dufay and Giovanni Pierluigi da Palestrina, and the central figure of the musical Flemish Andalusian gipsy school

Juan del Enzina

12 July 1468 - 1529

He was a poet, musician and theatrical author of the Spanish Prerrenacimiento in the epoch of the Kings Católicos.

Clément Janequin

Approx. 1485 - 1558

He was a French musician of the Renaissance. She is considered to be one of the most famous composers of the popular chanson of his(her,your) epoch.

Ludwing Senfi

1486 - 1543

Was a Swiss composer of the Renaissance, active in Germany.

Claudin de Sermisy

Approx. 1490 - 13 October 1562

He was a French composer of the Renaissance.

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Luis de Narváez

Approx. 1500 - 1555

He was a composer and vihuelista Spanish.

Cristóbal de Morales

1500 - 1553

Catholic Spanish and main priest of chapel being principally representative of the school polifonista Andalusian and one of three big ones, together with Tomás Luis de Victoria and Francisco Guerrero, of the polyphonic Spanish composition of the Renaissance. His music is vocal and sacred, with only a couple of exceptions. He is, undoubtedly, the best Spanish composer of the whole first half of the 16th century and his reputation, which spread immediately over Europe, pervivió during the following centuries

Andrea Amati

1505 - 26 December 1577

Antonio de Cabezón

1510 - 26 March 1566

He was an organist, harpist and Spanish composer of the Renaissance.

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Giovanni Pierluigi de Palestrina

30 September 1525 - 2 February 1594

Italian Renaissance composer of religious catholic music, recognized by his her,your polyphonic compositions.

Francisco Guerrero

4 October 1528 - 8 October 1599

Catholic Spanish and main priest of chapel who together with Tomás Luis de Victoria and Christopher of Mulberry trees(Moralities) is one of the big names of the sacred Spanish music of the Renaissance and one of the major Spanish composers of all the times.

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Tomás Luis de Victoria

1548 - 27 August 1611

Catholic priest native of Avila and teacher of chapel, famous composer polifonista of the Spanish Renaissance. It has been considered to be one of the most relevant and advanced composers of his epoch, with an innovative style that announced the imminent Baroque.


15 May 1567 - 29 September 1643

He was a composer, gambista and Italian singer. It marked the transition between among the polyphonic tradition and madrigalista of the 16th century and the birth of the lyric drama and of the opera in the 17th century. It is the most important figure in the transition between among the music of the Renaissance and of the Baroque.