The Battle of Britain


Start of Battle of Britain

August 1, 1940

Hitler decreed the battle of Britain with the command the german air force is to overcome the british air force with all means at its disposal, and as soon as possible.

Eagle Day

August 13, 1940

The Luftwaffe launched its offensive against Britain, with 1485 sorties (missions) lost 75 planes. RAF lost 34

Day of Intense Attacks

August 15, 1940

The Luftwaffe launched a total of 1790 sorties (missions) and lost 75 planes. The RAF lost 34

Germans established operational area around Britain

August 17, 1940

Any ship inside of this operational area was to be sunk without warning

Attacks on Berlin

August 25, 1940

RAF launches first air raid on Berlin

Hitler postpones Operation Sealion

September 17, 1940

Hitler postponed the operation until further notice

Operation Sealion postponed even longer

October 12, 1940

Operation Sealion postponed until 1941