Highway Traffic Act Introduced in Ontario


Highway Traffic Act is introduced in Ontario which includes driving without due care and attention as an offense

First Phone Released with Bluetooth Technology


The first mobile cellular device was released with Bluetooth capabilities

Bluetooth Annual Shipments Reach 52 Million


The annual number of Bluetooth shipments reached 52 million which is a low number when compared to the number of annual shipments following the implementation of distracted driving laws. The innovation was still in the early stages of adoption when people were just gaining knowledge of it.

Bluetooth Device Shipments Reach 155 Million Annually

Approx. 2004

Bluetooth Enabled Cars Reach 358


The number of cars enabled with Bluetooth available for purchase from 2000-2006 reaches 358.

Bluetooth Enabled Cars Reach 1,039


The number of Bluetooth enabled cars reaches 1,039 showing that the innovation is seeing a faster rate of adoption than it had in previous years.

Bluetooth Sales Skyrocket in Quebec


Quebec implements a law similar to the proposed law for Ontario banning distracted driving but allowing the use of hands-free devices behind the wheel. Nokia and Motorola report a major spike in Bluetooth sales, showing how the S-curve of Bluetooth adoption would increase sharply in relation to the implementation of consequences for distracted driving.

Distracted Driving Debates Begin in Ontario

October 2008

The fist reading regarding distracted driving in Ontario took place in October 2008 after the government perceived the need for a change to the Highway Traffic Act. Following this, two more readings occurred in November 2008 and April 2009.

Royal Assent is Given to Change the Highway Traffic Act

April 23, 2009

After three readings, an authority-decision is made by the Legislative Assembly to implement a fine of $155 for distracted driving in Ontario.

Bluetooth Enabled Cars Reach 2,710


After many places implemented the distracted driving laws, including Ontario, the number of car companies adopting Bluetooth technology in their cars more than doubled due to the high customer demand.

Bluetooth Enabled Cars Reach 4,421


The number of Bluetooth enabled cars reaches 4,421 which shows a growing rate of adoption and continuous diffusion of the innovation into society.

Bluetooth Annual Shipments Reach 2 Billion


As more provinces and states adopt distracted driving laws, Bluetooth shipments skyrocket to 2 billion annually. This drastic rise in shipment numbers directly correlates with the rise in amendments to legislation both in Canada and worldwide.

Bluetooth Enabled Cars Reach 5,794


Because the bulk of adoption took place in the years between 2006-2012, the S-curve has shallowed out slightly; however, late adopters and the late majority are still seeing the perceived benefits of the innovation and implementing it into their daily lives.

Fines For Distracted Driving in Ontario are Raised

March 2014

The Highway Traffic Act is met with replacement discontinuance and is further amended to increase the penalties for distracted driving. As of March 2014, fines will vary between $60-$500 based on the severity of the offense as opposed to the $155 issued previously.

Fines For Distracted Driving in Ontario are Raised Even Further

September 2015

The penalties for distracted driving are raised even further. A $495-$1000 fine in addition to three demerit points will be issued to offenders.

Bluetooth Enabled Cars Reach 6,823


Once again, the rate of adoption has slowed slightly but has not leveled off. The bulk of adoption and the steepest incline of the Bluetooth innovation S-Curve took place in the years when distracted driving laws were starting to be enforced provincially, nationwide, and internationally.