Christianity in 20th Century


Azusa Street Revival

  • Start of Pentecostal Movement
  • Went on for 9 years.
  • Spiritual experience: physical healing miracles, worship services, speaking in tongues, and inter-racial mingling.
  • Behavior was outrageous and unorthodox.
  • Now considered the primary catalyst for the spread of Pentacostalism.

Quest of the Historical Jesus

  • Book
  • Biblical historical criticism
  • Written by a German author
  • Jesus' image has change throughout the years.

Federal Council of Churches

  • Association of Protestant demoninations (US)
  • Merged with others in 1950 --- how it got its name
  • Founded at convention that met at Academy of Music in Philidalphia (May 1908)
  • Originally 32 denominations.

Einburgh International Missionary Conference

  • 1910 World Missionary Conference.
  • Culmination of 19th century Protestant Christian missions
  • Formal beginnings of modern Protestant Christian movement.
  • 1,200 representatives from North America and parts of Europe


  • Set of 90 essays published by Bible Institute of LA --- 4 volume set
  • Written to affirm conservative protestant beliefs, especially peope of Refromed tradition.
  • Foundation of modern Christian fundamentalism.

Social Creed of Churches

  • Methodism's outrage over miserable lives of millions of factory workers, mines, mills, tenements, and company towns.
  • Adopted by the Methodist Episcopal Church. The first denomination in Christendom to adopt a Social Creed.
  • Altered throughout the years

Commentary on Romans

  • The Epistle to the Romans.
  • Disillusioned with German Protestant Liberalism and Religious Socialism --- WWI
  • Commentary on Paul's Epstile to the Romans --- rethink theological inheiritance.
  • Restructure Protestant theology.

C.S. Lewis comes to faith in Christ

  • Became an atheist at 15
  • Convinced to become Christian by his friend.
  • After being convinced, he finally converted to Christianity in 1931.
  • Became a member of the Church of England.

Wycliffe Bible Translators

  • Wycliffe Global Alliance.
  • translated Bible in all different languages.
  • Founded in 1942.

Eliot's Murder in the Cathedral

  • Portrays assasination of Archbishop Thomas Beckett (Canterbury Cathedral)
  • Play written in the time of facism in Europe.

National Association of Evangelicals

  • Fellowhip of member denominations, churches, organizations, and individuals.
  • Goal is to honor God by connecting a representing Evangelicals in the US.
  • Currently working in 4 main areas: Church and Faith Partners, Government Relations, Chaplains Commission, and World Relief.
  • Formed by 147 people! That's a lot of people!

Revised Standard Version of New Testament

  • Revision company was comissioned in 1870 --- convocation of Canterbury.
  • Goal was to adapt King James' version to the present state of the English language without changing the idiom and vocab.
  • Present standard of Biblical scholarship.
  • Greek text used to translate was high reliability.
  • Significant in English Bible history.

World Council of Churches

  • Inter-church organization founded in 1948.
  • Members: Anglican Communion, Assyran Church of the East, Eastern Orthodox Church, Old Catholic Church... there's more than just those.
  • Describes themselves as "a worldwide fellowship of 349 global, regional and sub-regional, national and local churches seeking unity, a common witness and Christian service."
  • Represent 590 million people across the world in 150 countries! This includes 520,000 congregations by 493,000 pastors and preists.

Mother Teresa founds Missionaries of Charity

  • Roman Catholic religious congregation.
  • 4,500 religious sisters.
  • Members of congregation must abide by the following vows: chasity, poverty, obedience, and give free service to the poor.
  • They help refugees, former prostitutes, mentally ill, sick children, abadoned children, lepers, people with AIDS, the aged/elderly, and others.
  • Community service.

Missionaries leave China

  • Arthur Matthews --- protestant Christian missionary. Served China Inland Mission
  • Ruper Clark --- with Arthur Matthews
  • Last foreign missionaries to leave China after the takeover of the Communist Party of China occured.

Vatican II opens

  • Second Vatican Council.
  • Adress relations between Catholic church and modern world.
  • Most important message is "the Paschal Mystery as the center of what it is to be Christian and therefore of the Christian life, the Christian year, the Christian seasons."
  • Different languages at mass other than Latin!

The Living Bible

  • English version of the Bible
  • Title is a paraphrase from American Standard Version.
  • Recieved in many Evangelical circles.
  • Youth for Christ and Young Life liked it.

Lausanna Congress - World Evangelization

  • First International Congress on World Evangelization
  • Lausanne Convenant, one of the documents of modern Evangelical Christianity. -2,700 Evangelical Christians (leaders)
  • Progress, resources, and methods of evangelizing the world.
  • Brought together leders from 150 nations!