The refugees went to Bilbao, because their city was destroyed



The Soviet Union and Mexico were willing to supply weapons, but they could not longer reach Bilbao

France, Britain, Belgium, Denmark, Switzerland, Soviet Union and Mexico saved together around 20,000 Basque children



The Condor Legion attacked Bilbao, storming municipal jails
The Basque government sent a police force from the UGT to liberate the prisoners

The socialists didn’t save the prisoners instead they supervised the attack

Telesforo de Monzon informed a UGT that he has to remove his men from the prison otherwise they would be killed
224 political prisoners were already killed
Six UGT officials were killed, because the failed to save the prisoners

The red cross


Prisoners and Aguirres government was closely working with the red cross arranging realeses and exchanges

Nationalist party - Rebels


Ramon Labayen and his mother who are members of the Basque nationalist party held by the rebels, were delivered to the St. Jacques Bridge over the Bidasoa

The rebels arrested 16, 000 suspected Basque nationalists and executed almost one thousands of them

The Basque nationalists party have its own unit formed a battalion of 200 men commanded

The Basque government-in-exil


Thousands of Basque fled to French Basque-land, Cuba and Latin America

The Basque government became the Basque government-in-exile recognised by the united states, France and Britain

Aguirre managed to get to new York, where he established a headquarters and 1000 of Basques from Spain have been exported from German labour and concentration camps

Aguirre used the American people to try to know what was happening in the Basque country