ww 2


us passes neutrality acts

august 31, 1935 - 1937

Prohibiting transportation of arms, ammunition, and implements renewed the act until may 1937 and extended loans to belligerent nations

german soviet non aggression pact

1939 - 1949

2 countries agreed not to have any military action between the two for ten years

Creation of the Einsatagruppen


Death squads who killed people that opposed Nazi germany

german invation of poland


Blitzkrieg was used for the first time by the germans. Britian responded later by bombing over germany

Battle of Britain


British air force beat the German Luftwaffe and save the country from ground invation

Fall of france

may 10 1940 - june 25 1940

Phoney war, germany invades through the ardennes forest and overwelm french troops

German invasion of the soviet union

june 22 1941

Largest invasion with more than 3 million German troops

Pearl Harbor

December 7, 1941

Ignited the fury of the us and caused the us to join in ww 2

The us enters ww2

december 8 1941

Invasion of Northern Africa and an attack through italy

Battle of Stalingrad

1942 - 1943

Successful soviet deffence, Soviets greatest battle, patriotic war

Executive Order 9066

February 19, 1942

Relocation of 110,000 Japanese americans

Battle of midway island

may 1942

turning point in the pacific war


June 6 1944

156,000 american, British, and Canadian forces mislead German forces to a different target

liberation of first holocaust camp

july 24 1944 - april 29 1945

Allied troops found and freed prisoners in a concentration camp

atomic bomb dropped on Hiroshima and nagasaki


killed 80,000 and wounded 35,000 resulted in definite surrender of Japan

Nuremburg Trials

1945 - 1949

trials of officials of the nazi party

partisans shoot mussolini

april 28 1945

made defeat of axis powers almost cirtain

adolf hitler committs suicide

april 30 1945

German forces surrendered

v-e day

may 8 1945

European victory and end of war

v-j day

august 14 1945

day of victory over japan