Catherine Deneuve


When and Where was Catherine Born

October 22, 1943 - Present

Catherine was born October 22, 1943, and was born in France

What does she do for a living

1957 - Present

She is a actress, model, occasional singer, and film producer

She has 4 partners that help her with her jobs

1957 - Present

Their names are Roger Vadim, MarcelloMastroianni, Hugh Johnson, and Pierre Lescure

How many years has she been doing all of the things she has

1957 - Present

she has done it for 59 years

Catherine made her first film in 1957


The film was called The Umbrellas of Cherbourg

Catherines love life

1965 - 1972

Catherine has only been married once to a French photographer named David Bailey

Her most famous film


Her most famous film was called Bella De Jour

In 2000 she was in a very famous musical


The musical she was in was called the Lars Von Triers

Something amazing happened to her in 2002


She shared the silver bear award for best ensemble cast at the Berlin International Film Festival in for her performance in 8 Women

Outside of her musical life


Catherine got involved with children action, but mostly kids in Africa