Unit 3: World History


Birth and Death of Constantine the Great

272 - 337

The Byzantian emperor Constantine was the first and one of the most influencial emperors of all time. He legalized and made Christianity the main religion of the Byzantine empire. This decision would influence the spread of Christanity later on.

Byzantine Empire

330 - 1453

The Byzantine empire was once of the first empires to fully accept Christianity. Under the reign of famous emperors like Constantine and Justinian, it was able to last for a long time, but it was eventually defeated and overthrown by the Ottoman empire.

Fall of the Western Roman Empire


The final western Roman emperor, Romulus was defeated by the barbarian leader known as Odoacer.

Birth and Death of Justinian the Great

483 - 565

Justianian the first was one of the most important emperors of the Byzantine empire. He developed the Justinian code, which later had a big effect on the empire later on. He also changed the architecture of the Byzantinian structures.

Birth and Death of Muhammad

570 - 632

The life of Muhammad led the the development of Islam and heavily influenced the Middle East and areas around it.

Birth and Death of Abu Bakr

573 - 634

Abu Bakr was the first caliph, he brought together the people together by using military force.

Birth and Death of Othman

577 - 656

He was the third caliph, but he was assassinated, eventually leading up to a civil war that still exists today.

Birth and Death of Umar

579 - 644

Umar was the second caliph. He was assassinated later on.

Birth and Death of Ali

599 - 661

Ali was the fourth and the most controversal caliph known. He was assassinated.

Mongol Empire

1206 - 1368

The Mongols were a group of nomadic tribes unifying together. After their unifcation and the creation of the Mongol empire happened, they conquered many other empires and eventually expanding their borders to become one of the biggest empires known to mankind.

Birth and Death of Genghis Khan

1206 - 1227

Genghis Khan had made a huge difference to the Mongolian empire. He was extremely famous for killing large groups of civilians and expanding the Mongol territory by a gargantuan amount. When he died, he was succeeded by Ogedei Khan.

Ottoman Empire

1299 - 1924

The Ottoman empire lasted for a long time, successfully conquering new lands and also destroying the Byzantine empire. However, they were defeated by the Holy Roman empire.

Birth and Death of Ivan the Terrible

1533 - 1584

Ivan the terrible is famous for accidentally killing his son with a iron staff. He was the Grand Prince of Moscow from 1533 to 1547.

Russian Empire

1721 - 1917

The Russian empire expanded to become one of the biggest empires during that time, only to be surpassed by the Mongols in terms of landmass.