Madelyn Oden-English 221 Timeline

Periods and Ages

Start of Old English/Anglo-Saxon Period

Approx. 428 A.D.

Start of Middle Ages

Approx. 476 A.D.

Start of Dark Ages

476 A.D.

End of the Iron Age

Approx. 500 A.D.

Start of Viking Age

793 A.D.

End of Dark Ages

800 A.D.

End of Viking Age


End of Old English/Anglo-Saxon Period


Start of Age of Discovery/Exploration

Approx. 1400

Start of Early Modern Period


End of Middle Ages


Start of Elizabethan Era


End of Elizabethan Era


Major Events

End of Celtic and Roman Britian

Approx. 428 A.D.

The Fall of Rome

476 A.D.

Norman Conquest/Battle of Hastings

October 14, 1066

"King Harold II of England is defeated by the Norman forces of William the Conqueror at the Battle of Hastings, fought on Senlac Hill, seven miles from Hastings, England" ("Battle of Hastings" para. 1).

Signing of the Magna Carta

June 5, 1215

Leonardo de Vinci is Born

April 15, 1452

He was born in Anchiano near Vinci, Italy. He was a famous painter, architect, and inventor. Major works of his include the Mona Lisa and The Last Supper.

Michelangelo is Born

March 6, 1475

He was a famous sculptor, painter, and architect. A major work of his was David. He was born in Caprese Michelangelo, Italy.

Raphael is Born


He was a famous painter and architect. He was born in Urbino, Italy.

Columbus Sails the Ocean Blue

August 3, 1492

Columbus never even set foot on land America and died before the actual discovery of it.

Leonardo de Vinci Dies

May 2, 1519

He died in Clos Lucé, Amboise, France.

Raphael Dies

April 6, 1520

He died in Rome Italy.

Michelangelo Dies

February 18, 1564

He died in Rome, Italy.

Famous Literary Works and Their Authors

Beowulf Composed

Approx. 700 A.D. - Approx. 1000 A.D.

Anonymous Anglo-Saxon author. Primarily told earlier orally.

Robert Wace is Born


This Norman poet was born in Jersey.

Geoffrey of Monmouth is Born


He was a big part in the telling of the story of King Arthur.

The History of the Kings of Britain is Written

Approx. 1135

Arthurian passages are within this writing of Geoffrey of Monmouth's.

Geoffrey of Monmouth Dies


Roman de Rou is Written

Approx. 1160 - Approx. 1174

Written by Robert Wace, an Anglo-Norman author and poet. A later work called Roman de Brut was also written by Wace and Layamon.

Robert Wace Dies


He died in Bayeux, France.

Dante Alighieri is Born

June 1, 1265

Born in Florence, Italy.

Gawain and the Green Knight is Written

Approx. 1300 - Approx. 1399

Written by an anonymous author.

The Divine Comedy is Written

Approx. 1307 - Approx. 1321

The years for when Dante's work was written vary. c.1307-1308 to 1320-1321.

Dante Alighieri Dies

September 14, 1321

Died in Ravenna, Italy possibly from malaria.

Geoffrey Chaucer is Born


He was born in London, United Kingdom.

The Canterbury Tales are Written

Approx. 1387 - Approx. 1400

Chaucer had originally planned to write over 100 tales but was only able to complete 24 before he died.

Geoffrey Chaucer Dies

October 25, 1400

He also died in London, United Kingdom.

Sir Thomas Malory is Born


He was born in Warwickshire, United Kingdom.

Le Morte D'Arthur is Written

1469 - 1471

Thomas Malory's work was first published July 31, 1485, by William Caxton.

Sir Thomas Malory Dies

March 14, 1471

He died in Newgate Prision in the City of London. This was his second imprisonment here.

Thomas More is Born

February 7, 1478

He was born in City of London, United Kingdom.

Utopia is Written


Written by Thomas More.

Thomas More Dies

July 6, 1535

He died in London, United Kingdom from decapitation.

Shakespeare is Born

Approx. April, 1564

Born in Stratford-upon-Avon, United Kingdom to John and Mary Shakespeare.

Henry VI Part II and III Performed

Approx. 1592 - Approx. 1593

Written by Shakespeare. Part II was first printed in 1594 while Part III was first printed in 1623.

Henrey the VI Part I is Produced

March 3, 1592

This is the first play that Shakespeare ever wrote. First printed in 1594.

Romeo and Juliet First Performance

Approx. 1594 - Approx. 1595

Written by Shakespeare and first printed in 1597.

Much Ado About Nothing First Performed

Approx. 1598 - Approx. 1599

Written by Shakespeare and first printed in 1600.

The Two Noble Kinsmen is Written

Approx. 1612 - Approx. 1613

First printed in 1634. The last play that Shakespeare wrote.

Shakespeare Dies

April 23, 1616

The reason behind Shakespeare's death is unknown but assumed by some to have been from a fever contracted from over drinking.


William I (the Conqueror) Born

Approx. 1028

Born in Falaise, Normandy, France to Robert I, Duke of Normandy, and Herleva. First Norman King of England.

William I (the Conqueror)'s Reign Begins


He continues to reign until his death in 1087.

William I (the Conqueror) Dies

September 9, 1087

Possibly died from severe wound received during Battle of Mantes.

Richard I (the Lionheart) is Bron

September 8, 1157

Born in Oxford, United Kingdom to Eleanor of Aquitaine and Henry II of England.

Richard I (the Lionheart)'s Reign Begins


He reigned until his death in 1199.

Richard I (the Lionheart) Dies

April 6, 1199

He died in Châlus, France.

Edward I of England is Born

June 17, 1239

He was born in Westminster, United Kingdom to King Henry III and Eleanor of Provence.

Edward I of England's Reign Begins


He reigned until his death in 1307.

Edward I of England Dies

July 7, 1307

He died in Burgh by Sands, United Kingdom.

Henry V of England is Born

August 9, 1387

He was born in Monmouth, United Kingdom to Henry IV of England and Mary de Bohun.

Henry V of England's Reign Begins


He reigned until his death in 1422.

Henry V of England Dies

August 31, 1422

He died in Château de Vincennes, Vincennes, France.

Henry VII of England is Born

January 28, 1457

He was born in Pembroke, United Kingdom to Margaret Beaufort, Countess of Richmond and Derby, and Edmund Tudor, 1st Earl of Richmond.

Henry VII of England's Reign Begins


He reigns until his death in 1509.

Henry VIII of England is Born

June 28, 1491

He was born in Palace of Placentia, Greenwich to Elizabeth of York and Henry VII of England.

Henry VIII of England's Reign Begins


He reigned until his death in 1547. He was the first ever English king of Ireland.

Henry VII of England Dies

April 21, 1509

He died in London Borough of Richmond upon Thames, United Kingdom.

Elizabeth I of England is Born

September 7, 1533

She was born in Greenwich, United Kingdom to Henry VIII of England and Anne Boleyn.

Henry VIII of England Dies

January 28, 1547

He died in the Palace of Whitehall, London, United Kingdom.

Elizabeth I of England's Reign Begins


She was never married, childless, and reigned until her death in 1603.

Elizabeth I of England Dies

March 24, 1603

She died in Richmond, United Kingdom.


First Latin Bible Competed

405 A.D.

"St. Jerome completed the Vulgate, the first Latin translation of the Bible" (Timeline).

Separation of Assyrian Church (East)

424 A.D.

"The Assyrian Church of the East formally separated from the See of Antioch and the western Syrian Church" (Timeline).

Rejection of Christological View

451 A.D.

"The Oriental Orthodox Church rejected the christological view put forth by the Council of Chalcedon and was excommunicated" (Timeline of Religions).

Development of Celtic Church

Approx. 500 A.D. - Approx. 599 A.D.

"Cut off from Rome Christians in Wales, Cornwall, Scotland and Ireland develop their own Celtic Church" (Lambert).

Life of Muhammad

570 A.D. - 632 A.D.

"The life of Muhammad ibn 'Abdullāh, the Prophet of Islam" (Timeline).

Augustine is First Archbishop of Canterbury

601 A.D.

King of Northumbria Follows Church in Rome

644 A.D.

"The king of Northumbria decides to follow the Church in Rome rather than the Celtic Church" (Lambert).

Division between Sunni and Shiites Muslims

Approx. 680 A.D.

Last Saxon Kingdom Becomes Christian

680 A.D.

"St Wilfrid begins converting Sussex, the last Saxon kingdom to become Christian" (Lambert).

Kojiki is Written

712 A.D.

"Kojiki, the oldest Shinto text, was written" (Timeline).

The Great Schism is Formalized


"The Great Schism between the Roman Catholic and Eastern Orthodox churches was formalised" (Timeline).

First Crusade Led to Capture of Jerusalam

1095 - 1099

The Delhi Sultanate is Established


Formalization of the Persecution of Witchcraft


"Pope John XXII laid the groundwork for future witch-hunts with the formalisation of the persecution of witchcraft" (Timeline).

Spliting of the Roman Catholic Church

1378 - 1417

"The Roman Catholic Church split during the Western Schism" (Timeline).

Life of Guru Nanak

1469 - 1539

Was the founder of Sikhism.

Beginning of the Classical European Witch-Hunts


"Pope Innocent VIII marked the beginning of the classical European witch-hunts with his papal bull Summis desiderantes (Timeline).

Separation of English Church from Rome


"Henry VIII separated the English Church from Rome and made himself Supreme Head of the Church of England" (Timeline).