Civil Rights


Oliver Brown Vs. Topeka Kansas Board of Education

May 1954

Case goes to the Supreme Court that says segregation of schools is illegal.

Emmett Till Murder, Mississippi

August 1955

Emmett was abducted and found three days later drowned with a cotton gin and barbed wire around his neck.

Rosa Parks Arrested for refusing to give up seat on bus

December 1955

MLK led a year-long bus boycott.

Littlerock Arkansas High School Desegregation

September 1957

President Eisenhower sends troops to protect and assist in desegregation.

David Richmond, Franklin McCain, Ezell Blair Jr., and John McNeil lead Woolworth's lunch count sit in protest in Greensboro NC

February 1960

Protesting separate but equal

Federal Marshalls escort young Ruby Bridges to school, she is first black child to attend all white elementary school in New Orleans

March 1960

Teachers refuse to teach in a school with colored children attending.

First black student, James Meredith, admitted to Univ. of Miss

October 1962

Helped by NAACP

Medgar Evans Murdered, NAACP staff

June 1963

Byron de la Beckwith arrested but not convicted for 20 years!

March on Washington, MLK famous DREAM speech

August 1963

John F. Kennedy Assassination in Texax

November 1963

Civil Rights Act passed into law by President Johnson

July 1964

Makes it illegal to discriminate in employment and to segregate public places.

MLK led Selma AL March to Montgomery

March 1965

Assassination of Martin Luther King Jr in Memphis, TN

April 1968

Assassination of Robert Kennedy

June 5, 1968

In Los Angeles