American revolution


Writs of assistance


George Grenville was the British prime minister and he came up with the idea of the writs of assistance.Which were documents that allowed British officers to search any location for smuggled goods.

Proclamation of 1763


The proclamation of 1763 Prohibited the colonies from moving west of the Appalachian Mountains and kept the colonist near the Atlantic coast.

Sugar Act


Parliament passed the sugar act which lowered the tax on molasses !

Stamp Act


Parliament passed the Stamp Act, this law taxed printed items such as newspaper.

Stamp Act Congress

october 1765

delegates from nine colonies met in New York they sent a resolution to parliament and the British king saying that only the colonies have the right to tax the colonists.

Townshend Acts


These were more taxes on goods imported to the colonies.!

Tea Act


Parliament passed the tea act to save the British East India Company it gave the company almost total control of the tea market in the colonies,it also removed some taxes on tea.

Boston Tea Party

December 16, 1773

The Sons of Liberty dressed up as Native Americans. They boarded the ships and threw 342 chests of tea overboard.

Intolerable Acts


King George III felt that Britain was losing control of the colonies. To punish them he pass the Coercive Acts these laws closed the Boston harbor till the colonist paid for all the tea that was destroyed and they banned town meetings.

The battle of Lexington


King George sent 700 troops to destroy the weapons that the colonists were collecting. Paul Revere and William Dawes, who were members of the Sons of Liberty rode to Lexington to warn the colonist that the british were coming. The British found most of the militia's gunpowder had been removed, the british destroyed any supplies that were left. When the british were on their way to Boston when they were ambushed and by the time the got to Boston 73 of their soldiers had died and 174 were wounded.

Declaration of Independence

July 4 1776

It was a document that was written by Thomas Jefferson and it separated them from the British and was the birth the United States.