Iran Important Events


Iran Neutrality in World War 1

1914 - 1918

Iran was declared a neutrality in world war 1, but ended up as a battleground for the Russians, Turkish, and British.

Reza Khan Seized Power


A military commander named Reza Khan took over and declared himself Shah of Persia, which is what Iran was back then.

Reza Khan Ruled Persia/Iran

1921 - 1941

Khan's rule was cut when he was deposed in favor of his son, Mohammed. Shah's pro-Axis alignment during word war 2 sparked Russian occupation.

Ali Razmara rule and assassination


Ali Razmara became prime minister, then assassinated 9 months later, succeded by Mohammed Mossadeq.

Western 'White' Revolution


The Shah launched the "White Revolution", a campaign to modernize, westernize the country which included land reform, social and economic modernization

Consequences of Authoritarianism


Shah's authoritarian rule led to riots, mass demonstrations, strikes, alienation of clergy, martial law was imposed.

Islamic Revolution


The Iranian monarchy was overthrown and replaced with a republic. The Shah and his family were forced into exile.

Islamic Republic Declared


Following referendum, the Islamic Republic of Iran was proclaimed

Americans Taken Hostage


52 Americans taken hostage inside U.S. embassy in Tehran by Islamic militants

Return of Ayatollah


Following 14 years of exile, Islamic fundamentalist Ayatollah Khomenini returned to Iran.

Iran Iraq War


Iran-Iraq War began

American Hostages Released


After 444 days in captivity, American hostages were released.

Ceasefire Accepted


Iran accepted ceasefire agreement with Iraq under the guidance of the UN.

Ayatollah Death


Following death of Ayatollah Khomeini, President Khamene'i appointed as new supreme leader

First Reactor Constructed


Construction of Iran's first nuclear reactor began by Russian technicians, U.S. strongly objected

Nuclear Weapon Possible


IAEA reported Iran could develop a nuclear weapon in three to eight years; Iran allowed inspectors to visit the Arak nuclear plant; US intelligence report played down the perceived nuclear threat posed by Iran.

Depreciation in Currency


Rial (Iran's currency) lost about 80% of its value due to international sanctions.

Nuclear TImetable


Iran and six world powers agreed on timetable and framework for negotiating agreement about nuclear programs.

Concerns Rise Again


Concerns began that nuclear talks with Iran could falter due to escalating animosity between U.S. and Russia over Ukraine crisis