The French Revolution


Estates- General

May 5,1789

Tennis Court Oath

June 20,1789

National Assembly

July 9,1789

Storming of Bastille

July 14,1789

Declaration of the Rights of Man and the Citizen

August 26,1789

Women Marching on Versailles

October 5,1789

Civil Constitution of the Clergy

July 12,1790

Declaration Of Pilnitz

August 27,1791

Constitution of 1791

December 5,1791

Legislative Assembly Begins French Revolutionary Wars

April 20,1792

Louis XVI And Family Captured

September 21,1792

Louis XVI Beheaded

January 21,1793

Committee of Public Safety est.

April 1793

Marie Antionette Executed

October 16,1793

Robespierre Guillotined Without Trial

July 28,1794

Louis XVII Dies

June 8,1795

Directory Is Est.

August 22,1795

Constitution of the Year VIII

December 24,1799


December 2,1804