Change Throughout The Middle Ages of Europe


Germanic Tribes carved Western Europe into small kingdoms

400 AD - 700 AD

King of Franks conquers Gaul

486 AD

Clovis, King of the Franks, conquered the former Roman province Gaul which later became the Kingdom of France.

The Middle Ages

500 AD - 1500 AD

Benedict organizes monastery of Monte Casino in Central Italy

530 AD

Islam begins in Arabia

600 AD - 700 AD

Muslims created a new civilization + expanding empire

Vikings burst out of Scandinavia

700 AD - 800 AD

Battle of Tours

732 AD

Charlemagne becomes King of the Franks

768 AD

Grandson of Charles Martel, had a 46 year reign.

Pope Leo III asks Charlemagne for help

799 AD

Pope Leo III asks Charlemagne for help against rebellious nobles in Rome

Muslims conquer Sicily

800 AD - 900 AD

Peasants start using iron plows and better harnesses to increase income

800 AD

Pope declares Charlemagne Emperor of the Romans

December 25, 800 AD

Pope shows gratitude by declaring Charlemagne Emperor of Rome

Charlemagne dies

814 AD

Charlemagne's son Louis takes the throne

814 AD

Treaty of Verdun created

843 AD

Charlemagne's grandsons created the Treaty of Verdun which split the empire into 3 regions

Power struggles erupt in the Middle East and Muslim attacks stop

900 AD - 1000 AD

Magyars settle in present-day Hungary

900 AD

Abbot Berno started reform in Cluny monastery in Eastern France

900 AD

Vikings set up colony in North America

1000 AD

European population triples

1000 AD - 1300 AD

Merchants, traders, and artisans formed a new social class

1000 AD

Social class ranked between nobles and peasants -> Middle class

Gregory VII becomes pope + pushed for more reform

1073 AD

Abbess Hildegard of Bingen composed religious music and wrote books

1100 AD

Monarchs and Nobles started owning castles

1100 AD

Communities in medieval Europe started using technology to build huge cathedrals

1100 AD

Decline of Warfare

1100 AD

Feudal warfare and foreign invasions decline

1100 AD

Crusaders brought luxury goods from the Middle East

1100 AD

German towns form the Hanseatic League

1200 AD

Hanseatic League - association to protect trade interest

Towns had populations up to 100,000

1300 AD

Most peasants in Western Europe were tenant farmers of hired farm laborers

1300 AD