Islam Timeline


Muhammad is born

570 AD

Muhammad's father dies before he was born

Muhammad's Mother dies

576 AD

Goes to live with his grandfather

Muhammad's Grandfather dies

578 AD

Goes to live with his uncle

First marriage to Khadija

595 AD - 619 AD

6 kids, the two boys died at birth, wife died after 25 years of marriage

Muhammad spreads Islam

610 AD - 613 AD

Only with his best friends and family

First revelation

610 AD

Thought it was an evil spirit at first, wife convinced him it was god
Began writing the Quran

Meccans persecute Muhammad

615 AD - 620 AD

Men from Medina secretly accept Islam

621 AD

While on pilgrimage
Invited Muhammad to Medina to avoid the persecution,
Meccan leaders attempted to assassinate Mohammed

Muhammad united all of the Muslims

622 AD

Tried the make a compromise with the Jewish leaders in Medina, but was rejected
Wrote in the Qu’ran that Christians and Jews would burn in hellfire

Raised an army

624 AD

And killed 950 Meccans, only 14 Muslims killed

Husayn, grandson of Muhammad, is born

626 AD

considered the 3rd Imam (Authority) of islam

Meccans tried to lay siege to Medina

627 AD

Failed after 2 weeks

Meccans sign a treaty

628 AD

That said Muhammad was a leader, not a fugative

Meccans broke treaty by attacking a Muslim caravan

629 AD

Muhammad retaliated and won with no bloodshed

630 AD

Then he gave the leader's gifts

Muhammad gave his last speech

632 AD

That contradicts what he wrote in the Qu’ran. Then he died, Abu Bakar starts the Muslim expansion by squashing a rebellion, Muslims lose 1200 men

8,000, Muslims attack the Persians in Iraq

633 AD

After a series of attacks, the Muslims defeated the combined force of the Persians of the Byzantine Empire, and the Christian Arabs

Umar begins his leadership

634 AD

Abu Bakar dies

634 AD

Muslims defeat a large Roman army

634 AD

Then they lay siege to Damascus and defeat it

24,000 Muslims attack Syria

636 AD

200,000 troops from the Syrians, Greeks, Mesopotamians and Armenians, killed 70,000, then, the Mulims took over Antioch

Jerusalem falls to the Muslims

638 AD

Umar Dies

640 AD

Umar was stabbed 6 times by a Persian slave and died two days later

Alexandra is taken

640 AD

the rest of Egypt falls easily because of the division of the church (Copt vs Orthodox), the Copts welcomed the Muslims and they would regret this soon

Uthman begins his leadership

644 AD

Uthman won over North Africa and makes his first attempt on the Libyan peninsula

Muslims reach the Atlantic

647 AD

Muslims win their first naval battle and conquer Cyprus

649 AD

they also attack Sicily

Muslims attack Sudan

652 AD

although this led to a stalemate,
Georgia, Armenia, Azerbaijan are conquered
Uthman destroys all variant copies of the Qu’ran then is killed by rebels

Ali begins his rule

656 AD

Led to revolt and weakened his rule

Ali assassinated by the followers of Muawiyah

661 AD

Umayyad Dynasty began (lasted until 750)

Shi’a: The Party of Ali

680 AD

Husayn killed at Battle of Karbala

Dome of the Rock is erected in Jerusalem

691 AD

The site Muslims believe Muhammad was translated into heaven to receive visions and then went back to Mecca

Muslims conquer Spain

711 AD

Battle of Tours

732 AD

Abu al-Abbas began leadership

750 AD

The “Golden Age” of Islam began

Sunni vs Sh’ia

909 AD - 1170 AD

The First Crusade

1096 - 1099

The Second Crusade

1147 AD - 1148 AD

Saladin takes Jerusalem from the Christians

1187 AD

Beginning the Third Crusade

The Third Crusade

1189 AD - 1192 AD

The Fourth Crusade

1200 AD - 1204 AD

The Children's Crusade

1212 AD

The Fifth Crusade

1219 AD - 1221 AD

The Sixth Crusade

1228 AD - 1229 AD

The Seventh Crusade

1248 AD - 1254 AD

Othman the 1rst

1258 AD - 1326 AD

Turks Declare Holy War on Eastern Christians

1326 AD - 1453 AD

Orman leads the Turks

1326 AD - 1359 AD

Murad leads the Turks

1360 AD - 1389 AD

Adrianople is conquered

1362 AD

And allows the Turks to move their capital there

Ottoman Empire / Turks defeat the Christians

1365 AD

At the Battle of Matiza the Patriarch of the Eastern Church is now a vassal of the Turks

Turks conquer Constantinople

1453 AD

Ferdinand and Isabella end Muslim domination of Spain

1492 AD

Turks conquer Egypt

1517 AD

Turks conquer Baghdad

1535 AD

Turks lay siege to Hungary

1566 AD

As well as parts of Moldova and Romania

The Battle of Vienna

1683 AD

Turks lost after Polish reinforcements came, Afterwards, the Turks started losing land very swiftly

Turks are defeated by the Austrians

1718 AD

Hungary is won back to the Christians

British wrestle control of Indonesia away from Muslims

1811 AD

Greek population on the Island of Chios massacred or enslaved

1822 AD

Thousands of Assyrian Christians were killed in Mosul

1850 AD

British win control of India (Delhi)

1857 AD

Ending 1000 years of Muslim reign

200,000 Armenian Christians killed

1877 AD - 1909 AD

Across Turkey and Armenia

Turkey loses 80 % of its territory at the Treaty of Berlin

1879 AD

Turkish Holocaust

1905 AD - 1918

Between 1905 and 1918, the Turks slaughtered over 2
million Christians

Muslim immigrants from the Ottoman Empire

1908 AD

Arrive in America and begin the modern Arab movement to the States

100,000 Maronite Christians in Lebanon and Syria purposefully starved

1915 AD - 1916 AD

One of the first mosques is built in Maine by Albanian Muslims

1915 AD

Balfour Declaration


Kingdoms of Iraq and Jordan are established

1921 AD

Following the breakup of the Ottoman Empire

The Turkish Caliphate is eliminated

1924 AD

Turkey is declared a secular state

1928 AD

Saudi Arabia is declared an Islamic state

1932 AD

The Nation of Islam is formed

1933 AD

Iran is declared an Islamic state

1935 AD

The state of Pakistan is created out of a majority Muslim population in India

1947 AD

After the Arab army is defeated, the state of Israel is restored

1948 AD

Syria and Kuwait are declared and Islamic state

1961 AD

The Six Days War

1967 AD

Day of Atonement attack

1973 AD

Knowing that most of Israel was celebrating Yom Kippur (Day of Atonement), Egypt and Syria march into Israel without impediment They are driven back a few days later, but lose more than 2000 men in fighting

Iran/ Iraq War begins


Sudanese Holocaust


between 1.5 and 3 million Christians are exterminated, enslaved, and tortured

Imam Warith Muhammad gives the invocation prayer in front of the U. S. Senate


Thereby beginning the mainstreaming of Muslims within American life

The Palestinians promise to rescind


Their Palestinian National Covenant declaring to destroy the nation of Israel

The world trade center in New York city was attacked by Muslims