space exploration



October 1 1957 - October 26,1958

First satellite to orbit and lasted 99days

Sputnik 2

November 3, 1957

second satellite sent up in space but sent with Laika the dog to see what happened without a suit.

Gemini missions

1961 - 1966

First to really test a duration of a space flight. As in how long can Humans stay up in Space.

Mercury Red Stone 2

January 31, 1961

First Chimpanzee to go up to space and survived and only in "Space" for 16 minutes

Vostok 1

April 12, 1961

YURI GAGARIN, first man in space

Freedom 7

May 5th 1961

He only orbited for 15 minutes and landed on the coast of Florida

Mariner 4

November 28, 1964

Took the first picture of Mars.Also it got more information on Venus. It lost connection in 1967

Mariner 10

November 3 1973

First to fly by Mercury and Venus. it was able to take data on both of those planets.

Voyager 1

September 5, 1977

It's been going on for a lot and it's still going. Data on Jupiter, Saturn and The moon Titan It is headed to the orc cloud and it takes 30,000 years to get through it. It will stop getting data on 2025

Hubble Space Telescope

April 24, 1990

First telescope to go outer space, and it was sent out to take pictures.

Mars Pathfinder

December 4, 1996

Cassini- Huygens

October 15, 1997

Studying Saturn and the moon Titan, It's the orbiter of Saturn. In 2017 its going to crash in Saturn's gravitational pull


November 20, 1998

Been up there for 20 years.

Spirit- Oppurtunity

July 2005

They're Mars Rovers ; explore their land and their surface


March 6, 2009

To explore where humans can't travel and to find where we could find other planets where it can be hospitalized