space exploration


sputnik 2

Nov 3 1954

first animal to orbit and they sent a dog named laika

sputnik 1

Oct 4 1957

Sputnik 1 is important satellite to orbit.

mercury redstone

Jan 31 1961

they sent ham the champ

vostok 1

April 12 1961

this is important because he was the first man

freedom 7

May 5 1961

the man to orbit the space named al shepard


April 8 1964

the goal of the gemini was to put humans on space

mariner 4

Nov 4 1964

was sent to get the first picture of mars

pioneer 10

March 2 1972

the first satellite to take pictures of Jupiter

mariner 10

Nov 3 1973

it went to check the gravitation pull of Venus and murcury

voyager 1

Sept 5 1977

its goal was to get pictures of planets

mar pathfinder

dec 4 1996

the use big airbags

cassini huygans

oct 15 1997

the mission is control by nasa



they wanted to experiment

hubble telescope

April 24 1999

the first telescope to go to space

spirit and opportunity

june 2005

they wanted to explore the rovers


mar 6 2009

is looking for earth like stuff