Space Exploration


Sputnik 1

Oct 4, 1957

It sparked the space race and intrigued the human race to further explore space. The first ever satellite.

Sputnik 2

Nov 3, 1957

The first spacecraft to carry a animal in space (Dog named Laika)

Mercury Redstone 2

Jan 31, 1961

tested Ham the chimp to see if space would be OK for humans to travel to space

Vostok 1

April 12, 1961

The first spaceship to carry a human into space. stayed up there for a hour and 40 minutes

Freedom 7

May 5, 1961

It boosted the spirit of the U.S to strive to make a successful Space program

Project Gemini

April 8 1964

its goal was to practice putting Americans into space by preparing astronauts for the Apollo missions.

Mariner 4

Nov 28, 1964

was a satellite to collect data on Mars and ended up getting the first pictures of mars

Pioneer 10

Mar 2, 1972

its goal was to collect data on some of the outer planets. First to use nuclear power

Mariner 10

Nov 3, 1973

went to venus and mercury

Voyager 1

Sept 5, 1977

Getting pictures of Jupiter and its moons.

Mars PathFinder

Dec 4, 1996

Collecting data on mars surface


Oct 15, 1997

to study Jupiter and its moon titan


Nov 20, 1998

a spaceship to conduct experiments

Hubble teliscope

April 23, 1999

To see exactly what is out there in space, the first telescope


Mar 6, 2009

Looking for earth - like planets