Space exploration


Sputnik 1

Oct 4 1957

it was important because it sparked the beginning of the space race and is the first satellite to orbit earth and transmit signals back

Sputnik 2

Nov 3 1957

First space craft to carry an animal to test space capability of animals

Mercury Redstone 2

Jan 31 1961

Testing a space ship for future humans in space by using a chimp to pull levers

Vostok 1

Apr 12 1961

Was the first space craft to carry a human to space (Yuri Gagarin)

Freedom 7

May 5 1961

First american man to orbit the earth (Alan Shepard). he was only in space for 15 minutes


Apr 8 1964

the whole point was to put humans in space for training for future potential missions and to see how long humans could handle space

Mariner 4

Nov 28 1964

was a satellite system launched to analyze mars and got the first pictures of mars lost connection in 1967

Pioneer 10

Mar 2 1972

Was the first mission to past by the outer planets and also got one of the first pictures of was also the first probe to past by the asteroid belt.First to use nuclear power.

Mariner 10

Nov 3 1973

First satellite to go around two planets which were Venus and mercury and it took measurements.

Voyager 1

Sep 5 1977

it has done fly by of Jupiter,Saturn, and the moon titan and it was in services for 39 years and they decided not to fly it by Pluto it is still in use right now.

Mars Pathfinder

Dec 4 1996

First successful mars rover and it is still going used to find out about the red planet


Oct 15 1997

this space craft is controlled by NASA and it is studying Saturn moon titan over 16 country and will eventually crash into Saturn some time in 2017

International space station

Nov 28 1998

It is a place where people can live and study in space it is still in use today and is constantly used by people everyday to study and learn about the effects of space on humans

Hubble space telescope

Apr 24 1999

First telescope to be put into orbit and has taken tons of very important pictures that have helped us discover new things it is still in service and running strong

Spirit oppurtunity

June 2005

they are both mars rovers that will go to explore mars surface to learn more about the planet so we can be ready for future missions.spirit got stuck and it lost connection but opportunity is still sending info


Mar 6 2009

Was a space craft launched into space to go find exoplanets that we could potentially live on in the future and is one of the keys to our future.