Space Exploration


Sputnik 1

Oct 4 1957

Sparked off the space race
First Satellite to go in orbit
95 days in orbit, transmitting data for 3 months

Sputnik 2

Nov 3 1957

Second space craft in orbit
First space craft to carry an animal ( a dog) after 2 days.
Lika was the dogs name

Mercury Red Stone 2

Jan 31 1961

Ham the chimp manipulated things in the space craft
Survived 16 minutes in space, not in orbit

Vostok 1

April 12 1961

Part of Space Race
First Human Being In Space
Yuri Gagarin in space 1 hour 28 minutes

Freedom 2

May 5 1961

Alan Shepard
Up in orbit for 15 min.
landed in cape Canaveral

Project Gemini

April 8 1964

Practice run for the Apollo mission
Test duration of space travel
How long could humans stay in space?

Mariner 4

Nov 28 1964

First Pictures of Mars
Lost connection in 1967
Got extra information on venus's moon

Pioneer 10

March 2 1972

First mission to take pictures of Jupiter
Go through the asteroid belt
Was the first to use all nuclear energy for its power source

Mariner 10

Nov 3 1973

Traveled to 2 planets

Voyager 1


Saturn, Titan
Meant to go by Pluto
Sending data till 2055

Mars Path Finder

Dec 4 1996

First successful Mars rover
Going over 20 years
Used air bags to land on the Mars surface

Cassini- Huygens

Oct 15 1997

Studying Saturn and Titan
Orbits Saturn and landed on Titan

international Space Station

Nov 20 1998

Micro gravity space research lab
Guy in ISS for 1 whole year

Hubble Space Telescope

April 24 1999

First telescope in orbit

Spirit and Opportunity

June 2005

Mars exploration rovers
Explore Mar's surface
Spirit stuck in deep sand


March 6 2009

Study exoplanets
Looking for planets like earth
Kepler is still finding more planets