sputnic 1

oct 4 1957 - oct 26 1958

sparked the evolution of the space race, first satallite to orbit to earth, up there for 94 days and transmitted data for 3 month

sputnik 2

november 3 1957

first spacecraft that carries an animal up into space to see how it effects an animal.

mercury red stone 2

jan. 31 1961

testing cam the chimp for human potential space life, the chimp survived

vostok 1

apr. 12, 1961

russia had the first human being in space.

freedom 7

may 5 1961

first american man to orbit the earth


april 8 1964 - nov 11 1966

goal was to put humans in space testing the limitations of space life

mariner 4

Nov 28 1964

got the first pictures of mars

pioneer 10

march 2 1972

first mission to take pictures of jupiter, first probe to go through asteroid belt. first to use nuclear energy as power source

mariner 10

November 3, 1973

first statellite to visit 2 planets, venus and mercury

voyager 1

sept. 5 1977

fly by's of Jupiter, Saturn and Titan the moon. sending data until 2025

Mars pathfinder

december 4 1996

first rover mission to go to Mars

cassini huygans

oct. 15 1997

Studied Saturn and it's moon titan, brought by NASA

International Space Station

November 20, 1998

micro gravity space lab. people continuously in it

hubble space telescope

april 24 1999

first telescope to take pictures of our solar system

Spirit & Opportunity

Jun. 10, 2003

spirit- got stuck in soft soil on mars, opportunity- still sending back data


march 6 2009

purpose was to explore exoplanets, looking for planets we could potentially live on.