EPQ - Burden of Black Women


Introduction to EPQ

June 2016 - June 14, 2016

begin to think about chosen subject and title

Looking into subjects

July 2016 - July 21, 2016

Chosen topic is under Psychology. Interested in Domestic Violence, Serial Killers and Child Killers.

Mindmaps for topics

3 July 2016 - July 9, 2016

Serial Killers and Child Killers

Chosen Title "Why do Children kill?"

10 july 2016 - July 23, 2016

interested in child murderers, particularly how they became as they are. By inadequate socialization or born evil???

Begin Secondary Research into psychopathy in children

10th July 2016 - July 30, 2016

Online news articles, documentaries and books. Starting to build bibliography.

First Deadline for chosen subject and title

13 July 2016

At this point I am up to date and have met the deadline. But I am having doubts in how to gather relevant information and how to further it in the topic I have chosen.

Change Title and Subject

1 August 2016

After watching Jesse Williams (actor and human rights activist) speech at the BET awards. I decided to change my topic as I realized I felt very strong opinions to the topic raised by Williams. As a mixed-raced women and having a black mother I understood the sufferings that black women must bear and decided to study this further instead of childhood psychopathy. Also my Psychology and EPQ teacher ; Jade Bascombe advised me against child psychopathy as we have touched on many behavioral and earlier life factors that had already been touched upon in Psychology and Sociology.

Title chosen; The Burden of Black Women

September 2016 - Present

not too sure whether "burden" seems to broad? But I change it, if it seems so.

Begin diary for EPQ

September 2016 - Present

I began recording my progress in my EPQ ; how I can improve, why I have chosen my topic and what I will do to manage my time

Learnt to reference using RefMe and created an account to get started

25 September 2016

use this to reference information collected from online articles, videos or books.

Began Skills Audit

5 October 2016

Why am I doing this project and what does it mean to me individually?

30th October 2016
  • Why am I doing my chosen topic?
  • What will I gain for this?
  • Why does this subject interest me?
  • Will this help my future career?

Plans for Primary Research

1 November 2016
  • I plan to have interviews and questionnaires being given to friends, family and others e.g. colleagues.

Begin PPR

11 November 2016

Have being completing my dissertation, diary and timetable so will transfer my progress and evaluative points to PPR.

Deadline for Mid-point Review

11 November 2016

Not up to date with this deadline as haven't began PPR so cannot evaluate a lot of my skills yet, but I will begin now.

Deadline for Draft Dissertation and Reports

5 December 2016

-Have to have completed my Primary Research
- Complete draft dissertation
- Complete bibliography
- Update diary, PPR and timetable