Space exploration



Oct 4 1957

Orbited for 3 months


Nov 3 1957

First animal in space Lakia the dog

Mercury redstone2

Jan 31 1961

The first chimp to be in space it was only up there for 16 mins and it came back down crash landed in the ocean and survived.

Freedom 7

May 7 1961

First human launched into space was only up there for 15 mins his name was Allen .

Vostok 6

June 16 1963

First women to be launched into space launched by Russian Valentina Tereshkova was in space for almost 3 days

Gemini Mission

1964 - 1966

Preparation for Apollo and testing humans

Apollo mission

Jan 27 1967

To send men to the moon


Sep 5 1977

It was the first to reach the outer planets and is still sending data to this day

Hubble space telescope

April 24 1990

Hubble takes photos of deep space used Hubble to find out how old the universe is

Cassini Huygens

Oct 15 1997

First probe to go to Saturn its going to crash into Saturn on sep

The international space statioon

Nov 20 1998

28 countries involved goal is to do expierments


March 4 2002

First satolite to land on a moving commet

Spirit and opportunity

June 10 2003

Its a ongoing mission involving 2 mars rover spirit stopped moving 2010 opportunity still going

Dawn mission

July 6 2007

To gather info from Ceres

Mars 2020

July 2020

A rover type thing to see if we could survive on mars