space exploration


sputnik 1

October 4, 1957

it was the worlds first satellite and orbited 98 minutes.

sputnik 2

November 3 1957

first animal in space. lakian the dog

mercury red stone 2

January 31, 1961

sent the first chimp into space for 16 minutes and survived. ham the chimp

freedom 7

may 7, 1961

sent the first american man into space for 15 minutes

vostok 6

june 16, 1963

the first woman was launched into space by the Russians. was up in space for almost 3 whole days

gemini missions

April 8, 1964 - November 11, 1966

preparing for the Apollo mission

mariner 4

November 28,1964

first probe to take picture of mars

apollo missions

January 27, 1967

to send a man to the moon.

pioneer 10

march 2 1972

was the first images of the planet Jupiter

voyager 1

sept. 5 1977

was the second to take pictures of Jupiter and was the first to reach the outer most planet


April 24,1990

takes photos of deep space. the farthest that its seen into space was 15 billion light years and was used to figure out the age of the universe


October 15,1997

first probe to land on a outer planet moon (titan) and studied Saturn

the international space station

November 20, 1998

it still orbits the earth and people still go up there


march 4, 2002

find info on the comet 67p and was the first satellite to land on a moving comet

spirit and opportunity

june 10, 2003

its a on going mission of two rovers on mars and the main mission was to find water on mars

dawn mission

July 6, 2007

its whole goal was to study the dwarf planet sires and other dwarf planets

mars 2020

July 2020

a high tech version of a rover being sent to mars