Space Exploration


Sputnik 1

October 4, 1957

The worlds first artificial satellite orbited for 98 minutes and then died on January 4, 1958. Russia beet us to send the first satellite.

Sputnik 2

November 3, 1957

First animal in space. (Dog named Likia)

Mercury Red Stone 2

January 31, 1961

The first chimpanzee (Ham) in space. It was in space for 16 minutes and landed in the ocean and survived.

Freedom 7

May 7, 1961

Put an astronaut into orbit around the Earth and launched at 9:34 am and was in orbit for 15 minutes. (Alan Sheppard)

Vostok 6

June 16, 1963

The first women to be launched into space. Produced by the Russians and was in space for 2 days 52 minutes. (Valentine Tereshkov still alive today)

Gemini Missions

1964 - 1966

Men traveling in space to test human capabilities.

Mariner 4

November 28, 1964

The first probe to take pictures of Mars.

Apollo Missions

July 20, 1969

To send men to the moon and bring them back to Earth safely.

Pioneer 10

March 2, 1972

First images and observations of Jupiter. Still sending pictures of Jupiter.

Voyager 1

September 5, 1977

The second satellite to take pictures to take pictures of Jupiter, and the first satellite to reach the outer planets, and still taking pictures till this day. They believe that it's going to stop in 2025, but keeping traveling through space. (Contains the golden disk, human language in case aliens found it.)

Hubble Space Telescope

April 24, 1990

The Hubble takes pictures of the deep space. The farthest it's ever seen is 10-15 billion years away and we use it to see how long the universe has been around.


October 15, 1997

Orbits around Saturn and will crash and sent another probe to the moon.

The Inter-nation Space Station

November 20, 1998

The first space station in space and people started to grow lettuces on it.

Rosetta Stone

March 4, 2002

Launched by the ESU, its mission was to catch up to a moving comet and land on it to send information back to Earth.

Spirit and Opportunity

June 10, 2003

Their mission was to find signs of water on Mars, take pictures of rocks on Mars, Spirit got stuck in dense sand, and they went way pass their mission goal.


July 6, 2007

The goal of Dawn to travel over Ceres and gather information and send it back to Earth. Still going today.

Mars 2020

July 2020

To send a rover to Mars that is more advanced to see if humans can survive on Mars and see if we can produce air, grow crops, and see if it;s livable,