Sputnik 1

Oct 4 1957

The first artificial satellite. It floated around Earth for 3 months (Approx)

Sputnik 2

November 3rd 1957

Its main mission was to study the effects of space on a biological creature (Dog) The creatures name was Laika it was intended to be in space for 10 days. While being shot into space ship was damaged and dog died after 2 days. Although they did get a good amount of data.

Mercury-Red stone 2

January 31 1961

Mission was to obtain physiological data by sending up a chimpanzee (Ham) He was up in space for 16 minutes and 39 seconds. He was brought back down and lived long after that ( a full healthy life)

vostok 1

April 12 1961

The first carrier that had a human in it (Yuri Gagarin) His mission was being controlled from down on Earth and was in orbit for 108 minutes 1 h 48 Minutes)

Freedom 7

May 5th 1961

Had the first American Man (Alan Shepard) in space. He was up there for about 15 minutes. Objective was to orbit man around the Earth safely and Return him.

Gemini missions

Apr. 8 1964

U.S. space diagram. There were around 1-12 missions. Neil Armstrong was part of one of those missions.

Mariner 4

november 28 1964

Intended for a fly by exploration

Apollo 11

july 16 1965

It was the very first successful moon landing (carrying people).

Pioneer 10

Mar 2 1972

It was the first craft to make direct observations/images of Jupiter. It carried no people due to it being a satellite and took over a year to get to its destination

Mariner 10

Nov 3 1973

It got information from Mercury. Measuring its surface / atmosphere

Voyager 1 Launched

Sep 5, 1977

It is still going as of today. Importance is taking advantage of rare planetary alignment. Goal was to study the outer Solar System. It is headed toward the Ort cloud and will take 3000 years to get through it.

New Horizons

January 19 2006 - Present

Main Objective was to study the Pluto system. And some objects to the kuiper belt.