Space Exploration


sputnik 5

may 5 1951

First American in space named alan shepared he was going to be the first orbit in Earth

sputnik 1


Study the affects of space on a biological creature which was a dog named Lakia the dog was suppose to survive for 10 day it only made it 2 days because of the cold and they sent that dog just to discover if human people can go and investigate more about it.

sputnik 3


physiological sent a Japanese named Ham it was 16 min and some seconds and came back from space in a ocean and he survived

sputnick 4


First man in space named yuri Gagurin was up into space for a hour and some minutes and he didn't do anything but wonder around

sputnic 1

oct 4 1957

First artificial satellite

spunik 6

nov 28 1964

was first satellite to fly by mars

Gemine Missions

Nov 11 1966

-it was a united states space plogcam
-stared in 1964 on Aprial 8th
-there were 1-2 missiones

Apollo 11

July 16, 1969

First succesful moon landing

Pioneer 10

March 2, 1972

-launched 2 of March 1972
-was the first spacecraft to travel through the Astroid

Mariner 10

November 3 1973

First spotlight to study Mercury

Voygar 1

september 5 1977

-study the outer solar system
-going to the ort cloud takes 300 years to get there and 30,000 years to get through it .

New Horizon

2006 - 2020

study the Pluto system and objects first one to study pluto.