Space Exploration


sputnik 1

Oct 4 1957

Was the first artificial satellite. it triggered the space race.

sputnik 2

November 3 1957

Was to study affects on a biological creature which was dog named lakia. It was supposed to be in space for ten days. to get enough data for it to see if humans can make it into space.

Mercury red stone 2

January 31st 1961

it was to obtain physiological data info. sent a chimpanzee named ham which was up for 16 minutes.


April 12th 1961

Yuri Gagarin was the first human in space who was in space 108 minutes.

Freedom 7

may 5th 1961

The first united states human space flight. Alan Shepard first man in space for 15 minutes.

Mariner 4

November 28th 1961

first satellite to fly by mars. changed scientists idea about life on mars.

gemini missions

April 8, 1964

There were 12 missions. and it was about how man could walk in space. Neal Armstrong was a Gemini astronaut.

Apollo 11

July 16th 1969

Was the first successful moon landing.

pioneer 10

march 2nd 1972

was the first spacecraft to orbit Jupiter and take images of the planet. it took over a year to Jupiter.

mariner 10

November 3, 1973

how they were supposed to measure mercury environment. and that it is near the sun.

New Herison

January 19th 2006

studies the Pluto system and objects from the Kepler.