space exploreation


sputnik 1

oct 4 1957

the first artificial satellite, in space for 3 month

sputnik 2

Nov 3 1957

to study effects of space on a dog named lakia

mercury redstone 2

jan 31 1961

obtain physiological data about ham the chimpanzee


1961 apr 12

yuri Gugurin first man in space ship was controlled by the people on earth

freedom 7

may 5 1961

Alan shebrd first american in space got to control The shuttle to put human in orbat

gemina mission

April 8 1964

it helped us learn that astronauts can go out to space in space suits

mariner 4

Nov 4 1964

the 4th to do a series to do a fly by exploration of mars

apollo 11

July 16 1969

first man moon missions

mariner 10

November 3, 1973

to calculate mercury suffice

voyager 1

sep 5 1977

apart of the program to study the outer solar system

new horizon

jan 19 2006

study Pluto sytem