October 4, 1957

First artificial satellite, in space for 3 months.

Mercury Red Stone 2

jan 31, 1961

Obtaining physiological data by sending up Ham the Chimpanzee. Comes back like a champ. Survives.

Sputnik 2

January 31, 1961

Studying the effect of space on biological creatures. Enter Lakia, she dead.

Vostok 1

April 12, 1961

yury goes into space, 1st man to head up in space for an hour

Freedom 7

May 5, 1961

Alan Shepard first American in space, In space for 15 minutes. lamer than Russians.

Gemini Missions

April 8, 1964

The missions made for space walks, disengaging from your ship and hanging out, out there.

Mariner 4

Nov. 28, 1964

First satellite to fly by Mars. Pretty neat lots of distance. Brings back pictures of Mars.

Apollo 11

July 16, 1969

First successful moon landing, Neil Armstrong

Pioneer 10

March 2, 1972

Primary Mission was orbiting Jupiter. Satellite.

Mariner 10

November 3, 1973

First space craft to study Mercury.

Voyager 1

September 5, 1977

Took advantage of rare planetary alignment. Studying our outer solar system, It is till transmitting, heading to an "Ort Cloud"

New Horizon

January 2006

Study the Pluto system and some objects from the Kiaper Belt. Took some pictures of Pluto.