space exploration


sputnik 1

oct. 4 1957

first artificial satellite, was in space for 3 months only sent data for 3 days

mercury redstone 2

jan 31 1961

obtain physiological and performance data, ham the chimp was sent and performed tasks well lasted 16 min and 39 seconds came back alive .

vostok 1

apr. 12, 1961

yuri was the first person to be in space with no control, 108 minutes in space

gemini mission

apr. 8 1964

astronauts can space walk
Neil Armstrong was involved in the Gemini missions

mariner 4

nov 28 1964

first satellite to fly by mars

sputnik 2

nov. 3 1967

study effects of sapce on a biological creatre, dog named lika

apollo 11

jul. 16, 1969

first successful moon landing

pioneer 10

mar. 2 1972

first space craft to make direct observations and close ups of jupiter
sent data for only a year

mariner 10

nov 3 1973

measure mercurys enviorment and atmosphere

voyager 1

sep. 5 1977

study outer solar system
took advantage of a rare planetary alignment

new horizons

jan. 2006

study pluto system and some objects from kuiper belt