Space Exploration


Vostok 1

April 12 1916

First human being in space in a remote controlled ship, Yuri Guaurin

Sputnik 1

Oct 4 1957

First artificial satellite

Sputnik 2

Nov 3 1957

Study the effects of space on a biological object, It was a dog named LaKia

Mercury red stone 2

Jan 31 1961

Obtain physiological data, they sent a chimp named Ham

Freedom 7

May 5th 1961

First american in space, Alan Shepard. Landed off the coast of Florida

Gemini Missions

April 8 1964

There were 12 missions, First space walks Neil Armstrong was in one of the missions

Mariner 4

Nov 28 1964

First satellite to fly-by Mars, Brought back pictures to show the planet

Apollo 11

July 16 1969

First successful moon landing

Pioneer 10

Mar 2 1972

First observations of Jupiter from satellite

Mariner 10

Nov 3 1973

Measure Mercuries surface, temperature and atmosphere

Voyager 1

Sep 5 1977

Used rare planetary alignment to to gravity assist to reach other planets

New horizons

jan 19 2006

Studying Pluto system and parts of kiper belt