Space Exploration


Sputnik 1

October 4, 1957

First satellite launched on earth

Sputnik 2

November 3 1957 - April 15 1958

The goal of this mission was to put something living in space, a dog.

Gemini Missions

1961 - 1966

First space walk.

Mercury-Redstone 2

Jan. 31st 1961

This was the american way of putting a living thing, a monkey named Ham.

Freedom 7

May 5 1961

To test what man kind is capable of and how to prepare for more depth tests in space. this was piloted by Alan b. Sheppard. First American

Mariner 4

November 4 1967

Went to mars to take pictures of Mars

Apollo 11

July 16 1969

First mission to have man walk on moon. were on the moon for 21.5 hours

Pioneer 10

March 2 1972 - January 23, 2005

The first first spacecraft to take pictures of jupiter

Mariner 10

November 3 1973

Take pictures of Mercury and Venus

Voyager 2

August 20 1977 - Present

send out to study Neptune system and Uranus system

Voyager 1

September 5 1977 - Present

First satellite to fly by Jupiter, Saturn. still send data until 2025

Hubble Space Telescope

April 24 1990 - Present

Mission was to launch to a telescope to a low orbit so we would be able to see the world.


October 15 1997

Was the first mission to land a probe on Saturn moon Titan.

International Space Station

November 20 1998

A laboratory in space housing people from different nationalities, so that they can grow plants.

New Horizons

January 19 2006 - Present

Get info on Pluto and often objects on Jupiter Belt


March 7 2009

Find more earth like planets, exoplanets.

Curiosity Rover

November 26 2011

see if theres watere on mars

ISS 1 year Mission

March 27 2015 - March 2 2016

Have the first american to be in space for 1 Year