The First Bayonet


This bayonet was not originally put on the barrel of the gun and was regarded more as a small dagger.

The First Bayonet to be attached to the barrel of a gun


This bayonet was created for hunting as it could be used in the event of when hunter could not reload their gun and were threatened by a wild animal.

The first bayonet to be used in a military


The military bayonet was introduced by Jean Martinet. It was originally called a plug bayonet because the barrel was plugged up by the bayonet.

Improved Bayonets


New Bayonets were introduced with new, triangular blades that caused massive damage to scar tissue.

American Navy begins using bayonets


The Navy began instrumenting the use of bayonets on all weapons.

The Sawback is implimented.


The sawback bayonet was implemented at a multipurpose tool used in livestock and in war.

European Nations start mass producing bayonets for various fields


Law enforcement, military, etc began to brandish long bayonets as a way to threaten and enforce law.

The Reach Technique is created


The Reach was the strategy to extend the bayonet so that the blade may hit the enemy soldier without consequence. The average weapon length of the rifle and bayonet was 6 feet making this a viable strategy.

The M series of Bayonets emerge


New American Bayonets were created to outfit American rifles.

The Bayonet's popularity wanes


As war becomes more focused in long range and technology becomes more sophisticated, the need for a bayonet disappears.