Julian Assange


Assange is born

July 3, 1971

Assange gets his first computer

Approx. 1987

Julian Assange takes an interest in hacking

Approx. 1987

He uses the name Mendax, and he founds an ethical hacking group.

Assange gets caught hacking Nortel

Approx. September 1991

Nortel is a major Canadian communications company

Assange charged with 31 hacking related crimes

Approx. 1994

Charges dropped against Assange


Assange starts working on WikiLeaks

Approx. 2006

Assange publishes WikiLeaks

Approx. 2007

Assange travels the world for WikiLeaks

Approx. 2007 - Approx. 2010

Assange traveled the world to gather information for WikiLeaks

U.S. starts investigating WikiLeaks

Approx. February 2010

Ecuador grants Assange political asylum

Approx. June 2012

Political asylum protects Assange from arrest.