Contributions to Cell theory


Zacharias Jansen


-Jansen invented the microscope, and then allowed Robert Hooke to view the cell walls of a piece of cork with his microscope
-He made it possible to view cells that eventually proved all cells are made from other cells.

Robert Hooke


-“Micrographia” published with details about cells and his observations from his microscope
-Devised the compound microscope
-Disproved spontaneous generation by studying cells with his new microscope
-Discovered and coined the terms cells

Anton Van Leeuwenhoek


-Discovered many different types of cells such as Bacteria, blood cells, protists etc.
-Started making significant observations to the cell theory in 1674
-After many of his discoveries and observations of different types of cells, he discovered that many of these microscopic organisms were alive and functioning.

Matthias Schleiden


-He wrote a novel titled “History of the Vegetable World. He made many observations on vegetables and plants
-1838, he discovered that several generations of plants vegetate according to the certainty and fertility of their seeds.
-Showed that the vegetable kingdom was built on variety from several generations of various seeds and vegetations

Theodor Schwann


-Schwann made a monograph detailing all the characteristics of cells
-made the cell theory commonly known

Rudolf Virchow


-First to accept work of Robert Remak who showed that origins of cells were pre existing cells
-Made it well known that “Every cell arises from another cell.”
-Disproves spontaneous generation by proving cells are made from other cells