the history of the Nation


Iron Age-The Celts

600 BC - 50 AD

They lived in tribes where the basic unit of life was the clan and where the women were equal to man.

They were tribes of warriors who shared a similar language, religion and culture.

They lived in huts and they built hill forts surrounded by ditches and banks.

They worked iron and practised agriculture with some new implements like the plough and the division
of the fields into long narrow strips.

They workshipped the natural elements like the Sun, the Moon and the Water.

The Romans

43 AD - 400 AD

The Britain was invaded by the Romans with Claudius in 43 AD and they involved the conquered tribes in administration of the province.

They encouraged the grouth of towns which center was called forum that gave access to the basilica and every town had public baths and roads which with their complessive 9,600 kilometers joined towns together.

they built a bridge across the river Thames and they created the settlement of Londinium that quickly became important as trading centre for goods brought up the river by boat and unloaded at wooden docks by the bridge.

The Angles and Saxons

400 AD - 800 AD

Most of the Anglo-Saxon invaders were farmers looking for richer lands or deep-sea fisherman.

They were organized in clans where the loyalty was the most important value and they exalted the sense of beauty and the phisical courage.

They gave to Britain the new name England that means "The land of the Angles".

The monk Augustine was a monk that was sent by Pope Gregory I to bring Christianity back to England.

They dextroyed the Roman British towns and they founded The Kingdom of England that was divided in realms: Anglia, Northumbria, Mercia, Wessex, Midlands.

Alfred the Great and his son Edward had conquered the majority of England and Edwar's son, Anthelstan, Completed the task in 927 finishing conquering Nothumbria.


739 AD

The Vikings

800 AD - 1000 AD

They were a violent and cruel population that attacked the monasteries in Northern Britain, like Lindisfarne.

In fifteen years they conquered the whole England.

They used long sailing boat with oars

Kingdom of Anglo-Saxons


Born of England

927 AD

Anthelstan created a kingdom of all England


1066 AD - 1250 AD

Their king William invaded Britain in 1066 beacause the throne was promised by Edward.

In the Hastings battle they defeated the british king Harnold beacause they used archers and mounted warriors.

After the conquest they imposed their rules and the consequences were that the Anglo-Saxon aristocracy was replaced by William's followers and many churches were built in the towns but first he had to put down ribellions in various part of the land.

William sent his men all over the England to carry out a map of the land.

William crossed the English Channel

28 september 1066 AD

William was the Duke of Normandy

Battle: Harold VS William

14 october 1066 AD