Cicero and Pompey


Cicero serves in social war

90 BC - 88 BC

Although he was not an 'army' man, and eventually left the army when he could, to pursue his political career.

Pompey supported Sulla in civil war

88 BC - 87 BC

He supported Sulla and the optimates in the civil war against Marius.

Pompey defeats Marians

83 BC

Fought with Sulla to bring down the Marians, eventually making Sulla dictator of Rome.

Cicero starts lawyer career

83 BC

Which would be very successful

Pompey defeats Sicily

82 BC

Sulla sent Pompey to fight Marians in Sicily, and he was victorious.

Africa defeated by Pompey

81 BC

After defeating Sicily, he went on to the Roman province of Africa, and added it to Rome's empire.

Roscius' trial

80 BC

Famous trial defending Roscius for the crime of killing his father, of which there was no evidence.

Cicero made quaestor

75 BC

Going up in the political ladder

Pompey rids Med of pirates

72 BC

In 3 months!!
Lex Gabinia

Pompey was consul

70 BC

With Crassus (awks)

Verres trial

70 BC

His first prosecution (ungentlemanly)

Cicero made aedile

69 BC

Cicero's father dies

68 BC

Pompey takes control of Asia minor

66 BC

Cicero runs for Praetor

66 BC

Cicero made consulship

63 BC