Invasion of the Soviet Union


Operation Barbarossa Begins

June 22, 1941

A breakthrough in the Centre leads to the encirclement and fall of Smolensk, cutting off a Soviet concentration of 300,000 men between Orsha and Smolensk.

July 15, 1941

The drive to Smolensk nets a total of 600,000 Russian prisoners of war

August 5, 1941

Hitler insists on the destruction of the Soviet South-West Front before resuming the advance in the Centre, as Guderian heads South towards Gomel and Starodub. Army Group North advances on Leningrad f

August 12, 1941

Army Group North completes the encirclement of Leningrad – the siege begins

September 15, 1941

“Operation Typhoon” – the German offensive for the capture of Moscow is ordered.

September 16, 1941

In the South, slaughter and surrenders inside the Kiev pocket. Nearly two thirds of the Red Army’s strength on the outbreak of war has already been eliminated.

September 18, 1941 - September 27, 1941

The Soviet counter-offensive begins, at first the Kalinin / West Fronts to relieve the threat to Moscow.

December 5, 1941 - December 6 1941

A 200 mile –long roadway from Leningrad to Zaborie built in 27 days at a cost of thousands of lives, begins operation. But as a lifeline it is almost useless, the greatest distance any lorry manages

December 6, 1941

Despite increased supplies from the outside some 3700 Leningraders starve to death on Christmas Day, bringing the total for the month to 52,000. In Moscow the Presidium of the Supreme Soviet institute

December 25, 1941