Dakota Access Pipeline


Beginning of protests

August 2016

Dakota Access Pipeline protests / #NoDAPL

August 2016 - Present

Actress Shailene Woodley was arrested while protesting the pipeline in North Dakota.

10 October 2016

Woodley broadcast video of her entire arrest on Facebook Live.
She later pleaded not guilty to criminal trespass and riot charges.

More than 400 arrests

20 October 2016 - Approx. 3 November 2016

Accusing Native Americans, journalists and film-makers of rioting, criminal trespass, resisting arrest and a range of other serious felonies.

Most recent violent clashes

27 October 2016

Native Americans set up camps on property where the latest round of pipeline construction is planned.

Obama's interview about Dakota Access Pipeline protests

1 November 2016

The Army corps was exploring ways to reroute the controversial pipeline project around sacred Native American lands.

One individual arrested for trespassing over private property + puchasing a canoe

2 November 2016

Date of the article

3 November 2016