History of the atom



Approx. 400 bc

Worked around 400 bc
He made the first atomic model
He simply proposed this idea
Research done in ~400 bc

nothing of importance happened here

Approx. 300 bc - Approx. 1700

No one discovered anything of importance in this time
Brace yourselves here comes the flood of discovery.

Antoine Lavoisier

Approx. 1772

1700s in paris
He discovered the role of oxygen in combustion
He discovered that when phosphorus or sulfur burn the air becomes acidic and has increased density
He also found water is not an element
Proved that phlogiston is not real
Research done in 1772

John Dalton

Approx. 1808

He proposed that stuff is made of atoms and all things are made from a certain type of atoms and all atoms of a type are the same and can be distinguished by mass
He was color blind and discovered color blindness
Has a kind of color blindness named after him
Research done in 1808

J. J. Thomson

Approx. 1897

1856-1940 in manchester
He discovered dividing atoms and electrons
Research done in 1897

Marie Curie

Approx. 1898

Poland in 1867-1934
She discovered that uranium rays stay constant
Research done in 1898

Max Planck

Approx. 1900

1858-1947 in germany
Developed the black body theory
Research done in 1900

Albert Einstein

Approx. 1905

Geremy 20th century
Created the theory of relativity
Created the equation E=mc2
Research done in 1905

Robert Millikan

Approx. 1909

1868-1953 in Ohio
He discovered the amount of charge carried by an electron by measuring using oil in a charged field
Research done in 1909

Ernest Rutherford

Approx. 1911

1871-1937 in new Zealand
Ran the study of radioactivity and thought of the nuclear atom
Research done in 1911

Niels Bohr

Approx. 1913

1885-1962 denmark
Proposed the modern depiction of atoms
Research done in 1913

Erwin Schrodinger

Approx. 1926

1887-1961 austrian
He developed the schrodinger equation
Also created the thought experiment schrodinger’s cat
Research done in 1926

Werner Heisenberg

Approx. 1927

1901-1976 in germany
Developed the uncertainty principle which means that you can’t know an particles precise location and velocity
Research done in 1927

Louis De Broglie

Approx. 1929

1892-1987 in france
Developed the base of the wave mechanics theory
In 1929 won the nobel

James Chadwick

Approx. 1932

Early 1900’s
Found that neutrons have a greater mass than protons by exposing paraffin wax to radiation
Research done in 1932