History of Mexico


Miguel Hildalgo Revolt


Hildalgo called out to people to rise up against their Spanish oppressors. This day is celebrated as Mexican Independance day.

Mexican War of Independance


Miguel Hildalgo Costilla launched the Mexican War of Independence. The war ended 8/24/1821.

Americans Begin Settling in Mexican Territory


Spain first opened Texas to Americans in 1820, less then one year before Mexican independence. Americans settled there for the inexpensive land.

Santa Anna Becomes President of Mexico


Santa Anne, a army officer and statesman, was the storm central of Mexicos politics during revolution and Mexican-American war. He became president in 1828.

The Texas Revolution

October 2 1835

The Texas Revolution began when colonists in the Mexico province of Texas rebelled against the strongly increasing Mexican government. This was the effect of political clashes between the Mexican government and the American settlers.

U.S. Mexican War

May 1846

Most everyone was fro the war. They believed in Manifest Destiny and President Polk wanted California.

Gasden Purchase

December 30 1853

This purchase was 29,670 square miles. This is present day Southern Arizona and Southwestern New Mexico.

President Benito Jaurez


He wanted to create a democratic federal republic. He was called a "National Leader" for Mexico.

Profirio Diaz's DIctatorship


He was known for establishing a strong centralized state during his term. He was claimed to control the court systems.

Mexican Revolution


The Mexican Revolution was a major struggle. It radically transformed Mexicos culture and government.

Mexico Becomes a Democracy


The Revolutionary party was defeated by electoral votes. Democracy did not bring the rule of law to Mexico.