Tribes people set off to a mysterious island (Australia)


Tribes people leave New Zealand to mystery island we know as Australia

Empire is founded

Approx. 700

Tribes People of New Zealand take voyage to Australia to find better way of life

Tribes people start to build wall around settling areas.

702 - 715

Tribes people seek protection so half of the farmers seek out to cut wood for a wall

Tribes people set up agriculture and domesticate animals


Tribes people start new agriculture practices, with the majority of the Tribes people being farmers, the empire is projected to have a food surplus.

Social Classes, economic, military,and schooling is set up


Tribes people agree to become Patheneons and found name the empire Patheneos


People meet in the middle of the settlements and debate on what this empire should be.

Patheneon people start to build cities and develop urban living


Cities are being built on the upper northern coast and sides of rivers

Stone Wall start to be built

720 - 730

Material is stone left over from mining

New Zealand is conquered


We won the battle and we now have conquered the land and people, we allow them into the workforce and put them into our everyday life.

Stairway to god built

730 - 740

worlds first skyscraper is being built

Stairway to god finished


Nobles establish a 35% increase price on land on islands


Price increase on the new islands and on New Zealand

Royal Family funds for extra astrology research


Royal family wants to set up time and to understand when the crops grow and when to be harvested

Popperty Petunia invades Papa New Guinea


gives a huge population surplus

Royalty is murdered


The castle is caught on fire, but the water supply runs through the castle helps put out the fire

Micholous uskirk takes charge


Micholous the oldest boy in the family takes charge