World War II


France and Britain declare war on Germany.

September 1939

Drafting begins for men.

October 1940

Attack on Pearl Harbor.

December 1941

Congress approves the creation of the Women's Army Auxillary Corps (WAAC).

May 1942

The Women Accepted for Voluntary Emergency Services (WAVES) is authorized by the U.S. Congress.

July 1942

Rosie the Riveter is published on the cover of The Saturday Evening Poster.

May 1943

President Franklin D. Roosevelt signed into lay legislation which changes WAAC into Women's Army Corps (WAC).

July 1943

5,000 women serve in Pacific.

January 1944

WASP is disbanded.

December 1944

World War II ends.

September 1945

The Army-Navy Nurse Act of 1947 makes the Army Nurse Corps and Women's Medical Specialist Corps part of the Regular Army and gives permanent commissioned officer status to Army and Navy nurses.

April 1947






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