World War 1


Assassination of Franz Ferdinand

July 28 1914

Arch-duke of Austria-Hungary.

Austria-Hungary declares war on Serbia

August 1, 1914

Germany in alliance with Austria-Hungary. Germany declares Russia.

Germany announces war upon France.

August 3, 1914

Consequently, because the ink on a alliance treaty, Britain declares war on Germany.

Australian Volunteer Recruiting Begins

August 10, 1914

Men were allowed to fight if they were fit mentally, medically and physically for the duration of war.

Australians capture German New Guinea

September 17, 1914

Australians Naval and Military Expeditionary Forces capture German New Guinea.

German raider SMS Emden destroyed.

November 9, 1914

HMS Sydney destroyed German raider SMS Emden destroyed at the Keeling Islands.

Australian troops land in Egypt

November 26, 1914

Australians land on ANZAC Cove

April 25, 1915

Australians and New Zealand soldiers and nurses land on Gallipoli shore and attacked the Turkish troops gaining little land.

Baby 700

May 2, 1915

Australian and New Zealand troops unsuccessfully attack the Turkish-occupied feature known as Baby 700.

Burial Truce

May 24, 1915

Australian and Turkish men declare temporary peace to bury the dead on no man's land.

The British Offensive on Somme begin

July 1, 1915

Australian troops arrive in France for the build-up to the battle of Somme.

Land Fight

August 6, 1915 - August 9, 1915

Attacks break out on ANZAC Cove for the fight of the high lands.

Battle of Lone Pine

August 6, 1915

English attack and capture Turkish positions at Lone Pine.

Australian horsemen attack Turkish trenches at the Nek

August 7, 1915

Gallipoli Evacuation

December 19, 1915

26, 000 casualties and 8, 000 were killed in action or died of disease or wounds.