Rome Unit Notes


The city of Rome was founded

753 B.C.

The Greeks established colonies along southern Italy and Sicily

750 B.C. - 600 B.C.

An Etruscan became king of Rome

600 B.C.

Tarquin the Proud was driven from power

509 B.C.

A group of ten officials began writing down laws

451 B.C.

Romans were masters of nearly all Italy

265 B.C.

Rome and Carthage went to war

264 B.C.

The first Punic war

264 B.C. - 241 B.C.

The second Punic war

218 B.C.

Hannibal won his greatest victory at Cannae

216 B.C.

the Romans defeated Hannibal at Zama

202 B.C.

the Third Punic War

149 B.C. - 146 B.C.

Carthage was set afire

146 B.C.

Tiberius died

133 B.C.

Gaius dies

121 B.C.

enslaved persons formed perhaps one-third of Rome's population

100 B.C.

Julius Ccaesar joined forces with Crassus and Pompey

60 B.C.

Caesar was elected consul

59 B.C.

Caesar led his legions in a campaign to conquer all of Gaul

58 B.C. - 50 B.C.

Caesar returned to Rome

46 B.C.

Caesar was named dictator of life

44 B.C.

Caesar is stabbed to death

44 B.C.

the Second Triumvirate took control of Rome

43 B.C.

Antony and Cleopatra commt suicide

31 B.C.

Pax Romana

27 BC - 180 AD

Augustus dies

14 AD

end of the reign of the emperor Marcus Aurelius

161 AD - 180 AD

by this time Rome had 150 holidays a year

250 AD

Diocletian became the new emperor

284 AD

Diocletian retires

305 AD

four rivals were competing in power

311 AD

Constantine gained control of the western part of the empire

312 AD

Constantine secured control of the East

324 AD

Constantine moved the capital from Rome to the Greek city of Byzantium

330 AD

the Huns moved into the region and destroyed everything in their path

370 AD

the Huns united for the first time under a powerful cheif maned Attila

444 AD

Attila's forces advanced against Rome, famine and disease kept them from conquering

452 AD

Attila dies

453 AD

Romulus Augustulus was ousted by German forces

476 AD

the Byzantine Empire fell to the Oottomaan Turks