North Africa

January 22nd 1941

Tobruk in North Africa falls to the British and Australians

Nazi attack

may 10th 1941

Heavy German bombing of London; British bomb Hamburg

Operation Barbarossa

June 22, 1941

The German invasion of The Soviet Union

soviet defenses fall

July 9th, 1941

The Defenses at Brest-Litovsk, Bialystok, Volkovysk, Gorodishche, and Minsk fall to invading German forces

Russian Offensive fail

july 22nd 1941

A Russian counter attack, said to break the stronghold of German people fails, due to horrible coordination and communication.

battle of Smolensk

august 5th, 1941

over 300,000 soviet prisoners, well over 3,200 tanks, and 3,100 artillery guns are captured by German forces at Smolensk

fall of Russian armies

august 6th, 1941

the obliteration of Smolensk's defenses means the end to the Russians 16th and 20th armies

the royal navy

Aug 21st, 1941

The first Royal Navy convoy on its way to deliver supplies through arctic waters into the soviet union, leaving Scapa flow comprised of 7 ships

Battle of Leningrad

September 1st, 1941

the German army begins their bombings of Leningrad

fall of Leningrad

September 15th, 1941

by this time German forces controlled the east end of Leningrad, cutting the people off from the rest of the soviet union. Finnish forces soon side with the Germans and now hitting Leningrad from both sides, leading into the fall of Leningrad