T H E 1 2 F E A S T D A Y S


the elevation and exhalation of the cross

september 14

the domination of the theotokos

august 15

Theophany the baptism of our lord jesus christ

january 6, 2016

Meeting our lord jesus christ in the temple

february 2, 2016


august 5, 2016

the descent of the holy spirit
fifty days after pasha

The transfiguration of our god and saviour jesus christ

august 6, 2016

The ascension of our lord jesus christ

august 8, 2016

forty days after pascha

Holy week and pasha

august 9, 2016

The entry of our saviour into jerusalem

august 9, 2016

sunday before pasha

Birth of the holy virgin Mary

september 8, 2016

Entry of the virgin into the temple

november 21

The enunciation to the theotokos

march 25

The nativity of our saviour, jesus christ

december 25